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Eachine 250

Copterlab brings you the possibility to mount Eachine 250 light gimbal on your copter.

These 2 or 3 axis Eachine 250 gimbals made in carbon ABS material and can use different action cameras and frame mounts.

Lot of frame mounts for Eachine 250 camera have already been created however we can freely create your custom one.

Eachine 250 gimbals are fully setup and ready to use, just attach it to your frame, mount your camera and power with lipo battery.

These Eachine 250 lightweight gimbals can be mounted upper or lower on your frame. You can also add a secondary battery to power this gimbal and video tx.

Earn some money with our Eachine 250 gimbals:

Submit your inflight videos to Copterlab team and earn $10 by selected video.

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2 Axis Gopro Session Stabilized FPV Gimbal for Eachine 250
90g lightweight Gopro Session FPV gimbal for Eachine 250 quadcopter - No jello Effect
2 Axis Runcam 2 Stabilized FPV Gimbal for Eachine 250
70g lightweight Runcam 2 FPV gimbal for Eachine 250 quadcopter - No jello Effect

Why ordering gimbals here?


Other stores sells some chinese rebranded gimbals from Feiyu Tech or Yuneec with 3d printed parts for hidding some details

Here we manufacture the whole gimbal parts that means

- Motors

- Gimbal controller

- Camera mount

- Frame mount


What if i crash my Copterlab gimbal?


Each part can be replaced easily by cheap offer because we manufacture each part of gimbal


What if i'm running under issue with my Copterlab gimbal?


Our support will reply you quickly by email or live support even after your purchase you stay our priority


What if i can't find model i'm searching for?


Just contact us and we will design custom parts for free! (if your request is validated by our staff)

Designed in Nevada